To be a well-respected and leading Islamic institution of learning in the country with highly professional and competent personnel who are committed to develop outstanding, well-rounded, socially responsible and God-fearing Muslim individuals.                                                                           


          AAIS aims to be a global institution of learning by combining the Islamic values and the Filipino heritage in each student.



  1. Our educational efforts are geared towards the belief that learning is a lifelong responsibility. We aim at shaping the minds and hearts of our students according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and the blessed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  2. Our academic programs are designed to form minds that are skilled and discerning, which are equipped with logical scientific reasoning, trained in basic skills, full of creativity, and prepared for lifelong learning.
  3. We educate our students to integrate into society as proud, practicing Muslims. We strive hard to create a learning environment where children develop Islamic behavior, manners, morals and pride in their Islamic heritage.
  4. The teaching of Arabic is an integral part of our curriculum. This opens the pathway to a deeper understanding of the Holy Quran, creates a more meaningful sense of community amongst the Muslims in the country and strengthens the spiritual bonds with the Muslim Ummah.

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