Asia Academic Integrated School Inc gives a fair and equal chance to all applicants who fulfill the admission requirements; dependent upon space availability. To determine admission eligibility for students transferring from another school, official report cards as well as other supporting documents are submitted upon application.

An assessment process will be conducted, including an interview with both the child and parents.  Applicants are advised that the school does not have the resources and facilities to serve the educational needs of students with learning disabilities and/or social, emotional, or physical disabilities.


The following are admission reference for incoming and returning students.

1. The qualifications are the following:

a. Incoming kindergarten must be 4 years old for Kinder 1 and 5 years old for Kinder

b. Elementary grade applicants should have the general average of 80% and has no failing grades. Entrance exam administered by the school must be passed.

2. Student must passed the Entrance Test given by the Guidance Officer

3. Admitted applicants must complete the necessary requirements for enrolment

4. Upon completion of admission requirement, the applicant must fill up the Registration Form at the Registrar’s window and will be for registrar’s approval.

5. After the registrar’s approval, necessary fees must be paid to the cashier.